Black and White Tumblr Themes


Also if you haven’t seen this bird speaking Japanese prepare to be enlightened.

Animated artwork by Rebecca Mock

Fine, detailed and subtle animated artwork created by New York illustrator Rebecca Mock. Apparently the animated gif back to stay, gradually more and more people are exploring this old format and customers asking for shouting. Several of these illustrations were created for the New York Times or The Warlus magazine.


and the craziest bitch award goes to


and the craziest bitch award goes to

My very existence, my life in the world, seemed like a hallucination.

Sleep, Haruki Murakami  (via radiumangel)


tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows


sunglasses emoji only wears his shades to hide the tears


being genderless literally can be dated back to mesopotamia and there are still people who act like its an internet fad thats just incredible to me

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